Peace Of Mind

Seeking a second opinion is standard medical practice for all kinds of medical questions and concerns. Partners Online Second Opinions offers patients and their doctors confidence they are on the right path.

Patients & Families
Patients & Families
Get assurance you have the correct diagnosis and/or treatment plan—without traveling for an appointment.
Referring Physicians
Referring Physicians
Collaborate with our specialists to ensure you are providing your patient with the best care possible.
Employers & Businesses
Employers & Businesses
Our various packages help employers and businesses improve health outcomes and cut healthcare costs.
Personalized Customer Service
Our case coordinators bring years of experience and carefully guide patients, families and medical professionals through each step of the consultation process.
Among the World's Best Doctors
Enjoy access to Harvard Medical School-affiliated physicians who are leaders in their respective fields and span nearly all adult and pediatric specialties.

The Partners HealthCare System

Partners HealthCare is a not-for-profit healthcare delivery network based in Boston, Massachusetts. Member institutions include prestigious Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals, including Brigham & Women's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, which co-founded Partners in 1994.

Success Stories

Read about some of the thousands of patients whom we've helped over the past two decades.

Mr. P was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 60. His local physician recommended a chemotherapy regimen to treat the cancer, with the possibility of surgery depending on how the disease responded to treatment.

To confirm that no other viable treatment options were available, Mr. P requested a second opinion. Through POSO, Brigham and Women's Hospital specialists validated his diagnosis and treatment plan, noting that many patients following this particular combination of chemotherapy agents have seen decreased tumor size and a greatly improved long-term prognosis.

"I am really grateful to POSO for guiding me through the second opinion process," Mr. P says."The expertise of your company provided me the best support in validating the treatment I am going through in India."